Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trust in Educational Setting

How can you create relational trust in an educational setting?

Trust can be created sometimes with a simple smile, a kind word, a helpful hand. A teacher has the ability to set the mode for trust in his or her classroom. "Actions speak louder than words" can still be words to live by for teachers. In my own classroom, I desire my students to feel safe and welcome. I show that by waiting at the door for them and greeting them by their name when they enter. I also show that to them by updating them on their progress in class-whether declining or improving. I want my students to know that I really do care about their success so I make it a habit to point out what they do well and what they need to do to excel. When I explain how they are doing, I let them know that they are intelligent and that they are capable of succeeding. I encourage them to try harder or keep trying because I know that they can do it and I do not want them to give up. I think that caring also provides an atmosphere of trust because the students know that if I care then I am probably a trust worthy person. In addition, I always make myself available to answer questions and assist the students with what they need help on. I think this also provides an element of trust, knowing that they can rely on me to be there to help them. I also like to share my experiences with the class as it pertains to history (or even school). I believe that students feel more comfortable around someone who is willing to share with them-once again, creating trust. Finally, students also trust teachers who they respect. I think a teacher must be able to properly manage her/his class in order to be an effective teacher. The teacher needs to know when to pause for discipline (or when to wait to discipline privately) and when to teach (present yourself as an authoritative figure). Students will respect that and it will also encourage them to trust that you know how to handle a class and provide for their safety as well as education. Trust in education is absolutely crucial for the students to succeed. If there is not trust then students become anxious instead of attentive and studious. 

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  1. Trust is one of the most essential components in the classroom environment. Debbie