Sunday, December 18, 2011

Capacity for Connectedness

How can you develop the capacity for connectedness?

There are different ways to connect to knowledge. One way is connecting knowledge with knowledge. We add new knowledge in with our old and compare it to what we've already learned.  We can accept it or reject it. Another way to connect to knowledge is to allow it to effect our thoughts on different topics. New knowledge can help enlighten us on other things we may have believed-it may cause us to change what we believed or increase our belief and understanding of why we believe the way we do. A third way to connect knowledge is to determine how it fits with the way the world works-does it contradict it or explain it? A fourth way to connect to knowledge is to determine whether or not the new knowledge fits in with how we believe the world is and what our values are and how they all tie together. As a Christian, when I learn about something new or hear the beliefs/opinions of others, I always compare it to the principles of Christianity before I decide to accept it or reject it. This is how my worldview is formed.

It is crucial to remember that God's Truth cannot be contradicted, so any information that I learn and consider adopting cannot go against the Bible. Also, it's important to remember that my Christian foundations and worldview affects all aspects of my life, not just part of it. Thus, all knowledge that I learn will continue to be included in my Christian Worldview.

"Christians must be intentional about making the connections between their faith and the knowledge claims they encounter to keep the Biblical framework in the foreground as the structuring principle of truth." (Harris 4)

Everything we do, say, and believe must be based on God's Truths because that is the foundation of a Christian's worldview and life.

Defining the Integration of Faith and Learning,Robert A. Harris, September 20, 2003

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  1. I could not agree with you more! All we do, all we learn about is filtered through our faith. Debbie